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Just how to enhance spouse sexual drive? – or am we doomed?

Okay, i am aware this is certainly ‘mumsnet’ and I also’m a dad in the place of a mum but i will be after having a perspective that is female whether i will be being unreasonable.

My spouse never been overly enthusiastic about sex beside me – as soon as we first claimed venturing out it had been possibly three times per week. We got maried witihn a couple of years and also at the same time it had fallen to once weekly. It is been downhill after that (been hitched 10 next year – two kids 5 & 2.5) year. For the past 2 yrs it’s been for the most part once a month (me personally always starting) – that I think theoretically is a marriage that is sexless CogitoErgoSometimes Thu 24-Oct-13 08:54:21

I believe your ‘Ross’ analysis is appropriate, regrettably. You had beenn’t employed for the intercourse. Continue reading