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You might drive to your camping spot, but don’t want to make use of your automobile as transportaion in the playa for the duration of your stay.

Getting To Burning Guy

A: Here is a severe security problem and will also be strictly enforced. No driving will be permitted with no Burning Man DMV license.

A: You can, and you ought to maintain your car at your campsite. Don’t use it for transportation around our city — this is certainly among the conditions for camping right right here. Ebony Rock City is fully accessible by bike or by foot. Your use of our city suggests an awareness of the guideline. You might have to keep in the event that you violate this policy. The single exclusion for this is certainly art automobiles. You will have to register because of the Black Rock City DMV (Department of Mutant automobiles) if you want to push your art automobile throughout the occasion.

A. The nearest commercial airport with scheduled service is Reno Global, 127 kilometers away. Numerous individuals also fly through the Bay region (san francisco bay area, Oakland and San Jose are about 350 miles through the occasion). Remember that you will end up flying on work weekend, and flights fill up quickly and are often expensive day. Continue reading