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Jewish Wedding Traditions in Joyful and Romantic Photos

Today marks the 3 thirty days anniversary of y our epic wedding (wedded life happens to be beautiful up to now, thank you for asking!), so why don’t we commemorate it with your final wedding article: an entertaining yet academic piece utilising the last pictures from our nuptials to illustrate the glorious traditions of a wedding that is jewish.

Prior to the marriage service, the Bride and Groom (us!) signal the Ketubah: a Jewish wedding agreement.

The Ketubah could be the sacred Jewish wedding agreement, and Colin and I also finalized it in a intimate room prior to the actual marriage ceremony. A Ketubah is usually artfully decorated (can you see exactly exactly how pretty ours is?) and that can be independently commissioned by an musician, or bought from a niche site like (really, a website of this title exists) where we got ours.

What exactly is so wonderful about a Ketubah is with language fitting to your type of marriage that you can customize it. Continue reading