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Southern Africa’s 1996 constitution clearly bars discrimination centered on intimate orientation.

Nor is such recognition restricted to European countries. Several important court choices predicated on this supply have actually affirmed the legal rights of homosexual and lesbian partners to equality in spousal advantages, use and childcare, and immigration liberties for international partners. The Constitutional Court of Southern Africa has held that “the household and household life with gays and lesbians are designed for developing ? have been in all significant respects indistinguishable from those of partners, as well as in peoples terms as crucial to homosexual and lesbian same-sex lovers since they are to spouses.” 5 On September 1, 2003, what the law states Reform Commission of Southern Africa circulated a written report condemning the absence of formal legal recognition for same-sex wedding as unconstitutional.

The Czech Republic, Israel, and New Zealand, among others at the national level, same-sex relationships are recognized for the purposes of at least some of the benefits of marriage in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica. Continue reading