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30 Females Explain Precisely How They Experience Intercourse By Having A Condom: ‘It’s Simply Not Also Near To Being Of The Same Quality’

They appear to dry my vagina out, which will be pretty irritating. We additionally hate the odor. So– that is chemical reminds me personally of hospitals. Not just a sexy odor.

Hell yeah. We don’t have intercourse with condoms since it’s simply not also near to being of the same quality.

Physically, it is better without because condoms dry my vagina down, feel rubbery and strange, and style horrible. Additionally they look actually, actually strange.

Mentally it’s better because without the condom there is certainlyn’t a physical barrier between my fiance’s cock and my vagina, and that is important if you ask me. It enables to get more spontaneity.

I will simply feel a rubbery texture in the place of epidermis, that isn’t therefore good.

Additionally, I LIKE the feel (and thought) of him coming inside me, that we overlook by having a condom.

Last but not least, i enjoy many things that include their penis near asian dating in usa my components yet not always he comes on my ass and lets it drip down to my clit, or general foreplay rubbing in them– like when. These exact things don’t in fact work by having a condom – partially due to the aforementioned rubber texture, and partially the liquids are just what allow it to be so excellent (jesus that seems terrible once you really place it in terms)..

I second that‘coming that is whole you.’ Condoms simply aren’t similar. Also, that entire sense of having some drop away after he eliminates their junk.

Condoms will always just one single more thing to be concerned about. Continue reading