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Before an article is accepted for publication, this has to be reviewed by researchers involved in the field that is samereferees).

The most important characteristic of an academic or scholarly paper is before it can be published in an academic journal (the DEFSA website is an authorised ePublication) that it has to pass an academic quality assessment. This control process is known as peer-reviewing and is built to guarantee the academic standard of an article.

What is an academic research paper?

An academic paper is not a social commentary, an impression or a “blog”. An academic paper starts with a thesis – the author of the academic paper is designed to persuade readers of an idea or means to fix a problem centered on EVIDENCE – not personal opinion.

Academic writing should present the reader with an informed argument. To create an informed argument, you must first make an effort to sort out everything you know about a subject from that which you think or feel about an interest. You could begin by posing a question that will result in your idea (in which particular case, your idea will be the response to your question), you can also make a thesis statement. Continue reading