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Cannabis inhaler: medical trials now underway

Cannabis inhaler: medical trials now underway

Israel-based Panaxia Pharmaceutical Industries is collaborating with another Israeli company that is pharmaceutical Rafa, in conducting a clinical research in the usage of medical cannabis concentrates for inhalation. This brand new distribution technique aims to boost accessibility for cancer tumors patients whom have already been addressed with long-lasting pharmaceutical cannabis like sublingual tablets as well as those people who are struggling with severe cancer tumors discomfort but desire in order to prevent cigarette smoking pot.

Panaxia announced the trial that is clinical enrollment purposes at Israel’s Ministry of Health. The test will examine the availability that is biological of delivering marijuana that is medical metered-dose inhaler.

The cannabis inhaler includes an attached vaporizer, where in actuality the patient shall add the measured dose of cannabis extract to be inhaled. This cannabis extract features a dosage that is precise of components.

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